Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Weekend of Farm Kid Fun in Photos...

My two little farm kids had a lot of fun this weekend.  It was full of adventures and laughter and I have the pictures to prove it!!!

I think that the sticker says it all...look at that face...he is totally WILD!!!

Downtown Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.  Our favorite thing to do on the weekend, we were lucky enough to have Dad come with us this week!

This is Paisley, our new farm dog.  She is an 8-week old wire hair terrier.  I think getting a puppy qualifies this as a GREAT weekend!!!

The kids and I took her on a bike ride to Antelope Island this afternoon.  Will insisted that she sit on a saddle at the Garr Ranch...she's a farm dog...she should know how to sit on a saddle...right???

The old silo at the has a story to tell...can you hear it?

My two best farm hands exploring the Garr Ranch.  They loved the old tractors.  


I see you!!!

There is nothing better in this world than a brother!!!

I love the old fences at the Ranch.  

There are days when I want to be a bird...

Ian, fascinated by the horses.

There is really no better way to explore how beautiful Utah is than on a bike.  The colors today were incredible.  I love how different Antelope Island looks from season to season.  I am so smitten by it's constantly changing pallet!

Looking South from Buffalo Peak.  
Sometimes a girl just needs to see this...this world is incredible!!!

A little inspiration for the week:
"To forget how to dig the earth and till the soil is to forget ourselves."
~Mahatma Ghandi

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